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Why Owners in Pune Should Work With Certified Property Managers

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Why Owners in Pune Should Work With Certified Property Managers

“The real estate industry in India is slated to be a 180 billion USD opportunity by 2020,” says Shubika Bilkha, Business Head of Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) in her recent interview with the India Today magazine. Yet the supply of trained core and non-core professionals remains low. This leads to frequent employee attrition and reduced customer confidence.

Property management industry in Pune is highly unorganized, fragmented, lacks basic fundamental practices. There are a few quality institutes that train professionals like REMI and  International Facility Management Association (IFMA) to manage human, facility and real-estate aspects.

An unorganized firm that offers NRI property management service in Pune not only involves professional dealing with the management of personal, residential, commercial, industrial real estate but also takes care of a gamut of tasks such as:-

  • Maintenance and routine upkeep of the property
  • Budgeting expenses
  • Managing and securing new renters
  • Screening tenants and legal entailment
  • Maintenance of all tax-related, financial and legal records, real estate legal documentation
  • Cost sheet and layout
  • Handling add-on construction or redevelopment activities and securing approvals
  • Marketing and sales including digital marketing module
  • Serves as a link between the seller and the buyer

Always make a well thought decision when handing over keys of your property worth millions to a property management firm. It is always of favour to connect with a certifed firm that offers professional property management services in Pune.

Benefits of a Certified Property Manager

  • Provide a full range of service: Most certified members handle mixed portfolios which include office buildings, retail properties, apartments, condominiums, public housing, and industrial parks. Handling a diverse portfolio requires skilled professional. An expert manager needs to take care of the asset management, administrative duties, legal services and tackle socio-economic responsibilities.
  • Identify changes in the market: If you are serious about your property than put your property in the hands of a qualified professional who is always abreast with the changes in the market. He should know how to play successfully with the financial situation, price fluctuation, status of competing properties, rental value. He should know how to better guide the owner on boosting revenue potential, maximize profit and control expenses.
  • Fulfills the role of a consultant: A property manager is much more than a regular rent collector good at fixing and plumbing jobs. A professionally trained manager steps into the shoes of a consultant when required to facilitate the owner in expanding their portfolio.
  • Use of latest tools and technologies: They should be efficient in marketing the property using the latest technologies because smart target tenants use them too. Also, Property management like any other management is fast becoming mobile and App based. These Apps are centralized management systems where anything from a service request, updates, and follow-ups, rent collection report, monthly expenses, online updating of checklists, reminders to owners to file returns are all available real-time.
  • Negotiating contracts: Negotiation is one of the key skills required out of a trained property manager. It ensures lower costs for everything right from maintenance to office supplies to landscaping work and utility contracts.
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