About Sector 33

Sector 33 is one of the best and greenest residential sectors in Noida. Most of the older sectors have chronic issues that impact the quality of life such as vendors and hawkers occupying road space causing traffic jams and constant honking (noise pollution), which is not the case with Sector 33. The population density of this sector is also lesser than in other sectors. NTPC townships cover most of the area of the sector, thus the sector is not crowded any time of the day. Essential services such as hospitals, petrol pumps, banks, schools, and grocery shops, etc are within a 0.5 km radius. Metro station is less than 1 km from the sector and 1 km away from the DTC bus stop. All entry points to the sector are gated and all except one gate are closed at night. PCR van is deputed inside the sector (near Rockwood school) throughout the day.

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