Services PMS Premium PMS Light
Tenant background check reports
Rental Agreements
Tenant Move in - photos
Tenant Move out - photos
Property Inspection
1st Inspection and status report to owner
Inventory check and record
Quarterly inspection of the property
Additional visits if required
Payment/Collection of bills
Collection of rent and other dues from tenant
Property tax payment
Maintenance bill payment
Electricity bill payment
Water bill payment
Other Utilities bill payment
Repairs and Maintenance
Alert and fixing of maintenace issues such as
Painting work
Wood work
Plumbing work
Electrical work
Mason work
Termite treatment
Seepage Issues
Normal cleaning
Deep cleaning
Any other maintenance issue
Legal Paper Work
Making new lease agreement
Renewing lease agreement
Agreement notarized/registered in court
Keys and Visit Management
Show property to prospective tenant
Show property to agents/brokers
Rental Services
Advertising property in
Advertising property in other portals
Marketing through brokers
Finalizing tenant with consulation from home owner
Tenant Credentials Check
Feedback from previous owner if applicable
Background verification with current employer
Local Reference Check
Support in getting police verification
Criminal history and detailed background checkĀ  on request on request
Tenant Move-in to Property
Helping in smooth move in to property
Making sure old bills are paid
Making sure property given in good condition
Move in - photos
Tenant Move-out of Property
Getting possession of keys from tenant
Inventory check at the time of tenant's exit
Making sure bills are paid by tenant
Giving fair estimate of damage done by tenant
Move out - Photos
For New Properties:
Possession Takeover Assistance
Inspection of property before taking possession
Coordinating with builder for pending work
Taking possession on Owner's behalf
Helping in registration process
Interior Work
Wookwork in kitchen & rooms
Electrical fittings(Fan, Light & AC etc)
Paint & POP
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