PMS stands Property Management Services that we provide to our customers, and includes following services at a high level.

1. Renting/Leasing – we will find the tenant if you want to let out

2. Tenant background verification and rental agreement

3. Rent collection and Bill payment

4. Quarterly property inspection with pictures

5. Maintenance as needed (painting, plumbing, electrical work etc.)

Propdial is a Property Management and Maintenance company designed to serve home owners, and help them to manage their property with no hassle.

PMS is a legal document that helps us to work on your behalf when managing your property. We visit your property to review, work with your tenant for rent collection, get repairs done after your approval etc. and this document helps us to take care of all these things as an authorised service provider.

We only provide renting services to those properties which are coming to us for Property Management Services and properties who are managed by only Prodial.

We have a big broker network who work for us on payment. We pass this brokerage to the brokers to have them work on your property on high priority. Propdial doesn’t keep any brokerage amount.

There are many benefits with using Propdial services instead of a typical broker.

You can only work with one broker at a time as he has to keep keys to show your property to prospective tenants. Propdial works with many brokers at the same time. We keep the keys with ourselves, and market your property to all the brokers in the town. This helps to rent out the property quickly.

Broker services end the moment he finds a tenant for you. We at propdial will work with you and tenant for background check, police verification, property handoff and inventory assessment. We also work at the time of tenant move out and provide a final assessment of the property to the owner.

We engage all the brokers in the area to find a tenant for your property. This brokerage amount is passed on to the broker and helps to treat your property on a priority basis. We ask for this brokerage whenever we have to find a new tenant and engage brokers to do the job.

If you find a tenant from your own contacts, of if existing tenant is renewing the contract then there is no brokerage fees charged.

We collect post-dated checks in advance from tenants to avoid this kind of situation. We do background checks and police verification of the tenant and provide all reports to the home owner. It is the home owner who finalizes a tenant.

If a situation like this arises we work with the home owner to act on his behalf as directed by the owner.

We ask for Passport/Aadhar Card/ Driving licence/3 photographs and certificate of Permanent address.

All these documents are submitted in POLICE STN.

Mr. Vinay Prajapati is the founder of the company has expertise in REAL ESTATE for more than 10 long years. Propdial started 2.5 years back when some of our NRI customers asked for a desire to have a reliable and trusted property management service.

Yes, we do deal in sale purchase of properties for our clients.

Yes, we do provide property management services for Commercial Properties.

We use all channels to advertise the property. We advertise property on our own PROPDIAL website and also on other commonly used real estate web portals. We also engage all brokers of the area to find a tenant for the property.