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Mumbai, the city of dreams where dreams come true is the financial and the commercial capital of the country. The city derived its name from the famous Mumba devi temple and has an immense history dating back to the period of the mauryas. Initially, Bombay the erstwhile name of Mumbai was a group of seven different islands namely Isle of Bombay, Parel, Mazgaon, Mahim, Colaba, Worli and old woman’s island. Once the English east India Company took over these seven islands that were leased by England and then with the help of skilful engineers, these seven islands were then merged into one single amalgamated land mass by way of a causeway in the 18th century.

Today, of course Mumbai has become a major cosmopolitan city with more than twelve million and is also home to major Business moguls, Bollywood superstars, Bombay stock exchange and also the headquarters to both Indian and International companies. The city has been a major hub of employment for a long time, and with urban population increasing manifold buying a home or renting a home is becoming difficult and unlike share market where you can actually see the price of a share or a mutual fund where value of a unit is declared each day. But determining the value of a property is difficult.

Professional property managers in Mumbai say that the value of a property can be determined with factors such as location, neighbourhood, quality of construction and age of building. There is also a common notion that to get a good property in Mumbai, you need to go outside the city limits because getting a good property in suburbs and the city at an affordable cost is a reality that is far-fetched.

But a good property management company in Mumbai like Propdial can surely help you get the property that fulfils your requirement.  

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